Duolingo is a freemium service for language learners from all over the world. It provides you with courses for learning over 85 languages based on 24 native languages. 

The Biggest Online Course Library

If you are a native English speaker, then Duolingo has 32 complete and 9 alpha/beta courses to offer you. They include all major European, Asian, and Middle East languages. All big-8 tongues are presented. It’s also a unique source for special learning programmes. You can get manuals for Klingon (Star Trek universe), Navajo (South American aborigines), and Haitian Creole. About 50 other courses are oriented on non-English speakers. Generally, they all provide English-learning curves. 

It’s Like a Game

Duolingo is developed with a strong influence of mobile video games. Gamification helps to keep users engaged for persistent course attendance. There is a unique levelling system that requires you to collect lingots, which serve as in-app currency for various purchasable customization elements, and bonus features. Besides, you can compare your progress to other people using the worldwide leaderboards. Experience points (XP) are used for tracking your progress. You can also achieve multiple badges as e reward for winning challenges. 

Duolingo courses are generally focused on vocabulary learning and developing of writing, spelling, and translation skills. You can complete such types of exercises as listening, option selection, correcting mistakes, filling in gaps, answering questions, and many more. Duolingo analyzes your performance in every task and uses the data to customize the next lesson and work out your weaknesses. Every lesson block has a final test for checking overall progress. You can retake it several times. Machine learning algorithms always keep customizing lessons to maximize outcomes. Every course allows you to learn up to 2000 words. 


  • 32 complete courses for native English speakers;
  • Machine learning for learning curve adaptation;
  • Learn up to 2000 basic vocabulary units;
  • Experts are allowed to contribute to course-making;
  • Rare languages are available.


  • Notifications are not very motivating;
  • Not many items to buy for lingots.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Duolingo is an excellent method for quick learning of the basics of widely used and rare languages. CUNY and USC universities proved that 34 hours in the app are equal 130 hours in a real university.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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