Azar is a social platform where you can meet new people from all around the world. The most interesting thing is that you can choose the region finding people nearby or, on the contrary, on the other continents. For me, it was quite an exciting experience, so I decided to write this review.


I find the Azar interface pretty easy-to-use and straightforward. After downloading you will see a quick tutorial that will show you how to use the app, so I believe there won’t be any difficulties to get used to it.

There are more than 15 languages available including English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, and so on. Azar lets you meet people from more than 190 countries, so automatic translation comes in pretty handy.


With Azar, you can find people from all around the globe through live video calls. You get to choose gender and region, and then the app comes into play. To make your conversation easier and smoother you can add various filters, effects, and stickers.

If you like the person, you can add them to your friend list. You can send and receive messages as well as make video calls with existing friends, be it your family member, a real-life friend, or a person you met online. The message history is saved so you can reread it if needed.

The most interesting thing about Azar is that chats are translated in real time, so you don’t have to worry about using another app for translation. Of course, automatic translation isn’t perfect all the time and there are some flaws, but generally, it works pretty well.

Azar is concerned about your privacy: all personal information is stored securely, and other users can see only the information you write directly on your profile. You also should be cautious about what kind of information you share with strangers. Explore the app’s privacy policy and the terms of service. If the other person violates the terms, you should report the violation.

Performance and User Experience

I downloaded Azar because I wanted to improve my Spanish, and I found the opportunity to meet people from other countries and cultures pretty exciting. I had some great conversations with folks all over the world, although there were weird people, too. I believe while using apps like that you can’t be totally sure that you won’t meet unpleasant people – that’s the way of the world.

There are new features in almost every new Azar update, some of them are useful and some are not. More importantly, developers constantly try to fix known bugs, and they made noticeable improvements in the Azar latest versions.

Devices Compatibility

Azar works not only on iOS but also on the Android platform, so you can probably download it on your smartphone. There is also a version for Windows, so you can download Azar on your computer or a laptop to stay in touch with your friends and chat whenever you want to.

The Good

  • You can meet new people from all over the world, and that is a great experience
  • If you like the person, you can add them to your friend list and have a chat again
  • In my opinion, the interface is easy to use as well as the app itself

The Bad

  • To get more useful features, you have to purchase Azar VIP or to buy so-called diamonds which are the special currency of the app
  • This app is pretty heavy as it takes up more than 150 MB of your phone’s memory
  • Since you get connected with random people, there is a risk of meeting weird or unpleasant people, so that is an app for adults. According to the official age rating, you must be at least 17 years old to download Azar.

The Verdict

Azar is a pretty interesting communication tool that will come in handy if you want to practice foreign languages or just meet people of different cultures. Also, you can chat with real-life friends, colleagues, and family members, why not?  

Just remember that it’s an app for adults, so be ready to face some correlated issues and take responsibility for your own behavior. As for the rest, Azar has its advantages and thousands of people who downloaded the app only prove that.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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