What would you expect from the game named “Clash of Kings”? If you suppose it’s an online strategy where you need to build your base, attack your neighbors, join clans and invest money into your virtual land, you’ll be right. But when it comes to games built on such a common ground, it all gets about how it’s done. So. Clash of Kings deserves a closer look.

Graphics and Sound

There is something unusual in the appearance. The developers tried to mimic Earth civilizations (like China, Japan, Scandinavia, or Europe), and the appearance of your buildings and nature around changes correspondingly after you switch to another one. 

Graphically it reminds other examples of this class; for example, building sites or beast hunt scenes look like those in King of Avalon or Game of War. It seems that the whole elements were just copied and pasted.

Despite the lack of originality and vividness, the game looks and sounds just like an average pseudo-historical strategy game should. If we look closer at the publisher, we see that the company is based in China. If you remember the first iPhone clones that were nothing but despicable, then look at today’s Huawei and Xiaomi flagship devices. Maybe, Chinese gaming industry is following the same path.

Story Plot

It’s the same story you’ve met in many strategies. You’re the new King, and you need to be introduced to how to rule the Kingdom. So you have to master building farms, sawmills, and castles, train infantry, chivalry, and archers, and maybe hatch the dragon egg you have to obtain some mega power.

On this base, you can join an alliance to enhance your ruling experience with diplomacy. Alliance offers you its assistance in your defense, but it as well requires you to participate in its collective actions.

The mechanics are similar not to any particular game, but to most of them. Initially, you can build objects on their predestined sites only. Each your step in the tutorial is forced and dictated. Even the way your town looks provokes a kind of déjà vu.

So it goes up to the sky. Raid hostile cities and protect yours. Build defensive towers and train more troops. When you see your kingdom the way you want it, you’ll certainly want to stay for a bit more.


Sometimes copying is a good thing, at least, you learn from those worth it. Clash of Kings is very easy to control. Its interactive system is based on icons and virtual buttons you just need to tap. There’s rarely a need to hurry, so you can do anything at your own pace, from building your farms and upgrading military units to hunting dragons and raiding towns (given that the troops, once deployed, act independently).


It would be hard to expect the game to be easier or harder than most strategies. The game does its best to attract a novice. It offers an impressive pack of gifts to the newcomers, so it gets much easier to master the game and do the initial upgrades. 

When an upgrade is impossible because you lack another necessary one, the game redirects you right to the object you need to upgrade first. All the events come with a reminder. So it’s easy to get in and master the game. It’s harder to resist investing in it to win faster.


Despite being secondary to the bone, Clash of Kings is a decent strategy. If you’re new to this type of games, we’d recommend you to download Clash of Kings, because it’s among the easiest to enter. Another thing to point out is its support. They’re always sending you a notification on any important occasion right within the game, and we couldn’t find an unanswered complaint on its page in Google Play Market.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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