Being secondary to Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is a variation of it with added collection card elements. Though the gameplay is completely different, the game shares that brave barbarian spirit with the original. So create our collection, upgrade your warriors, and let there be the battle!

Graphics and Sound

Card games always seemed to be about comfort, not about great visuals. But, like in the basic Clash game, the developers keep the balance right. So what we see here is first of all a battlefield with three crown castles: yours to protect, others’ to destroy. The most spectacular battles happen on this field. Though you deploy single units instead of crowds we had in Clash of Clans, they’re just as good at crashing and destroying.

You must recognize barbarians, knights, dragons, witches, skeletons, and other units to remember from Clash of Clans. They look, sound, and act the same here, with the same force ratio. So Clash Royale is a great extension to the Clash universe – at least, visually.

It’s logical to make this sort of game portrait-oriented; that’s more suitable for phones.

Story Plot

It’s all about battles again, with no special reason. You have your set of warriors, you deploy them to fight someone else – isn’t that cool? The logic is just as easy and barbarian as it was in Clash of Clans, but it’s totally different in terms of mechanics.

First of all, it’s a card game. You collect your deck of heroes as you progress. As you collect cards of the same type, you can convert them into upgrades, making this unit stronger and more durable.

Second, it’s a castle defense game. You send your warriors against the three enemy castles, the enemy does the same. You can select to defend your castles or to destroy the enemy’s faster than they finish yours. To do this, you deploy the warriors from your set of cards. You can have up to three sets made of cards at your disposal and select one of them before each battle.

There are also cooperative 2*2 battles, with two players coordinating on either side. Due to delay before units appear on the field, you can see your partner’s actions before the enemy does, and so you can select the best way to support them.

As you progress, you receive rewards in chests. They can select gold or gems (that otherwise have to be bought), character or charm cards, and so on. Some of them are given to you as a reward for your victories, some are your daily bonus.

This combination turned out to be extremely popular. The familiar characters in a new environment – can it be any better?


All you need to know is: drag them where you want them. When on the battlefield, you only need to select the unit you want now and drag them onto the position. Other controls are purely intuitive and tap-based. The app responds well even on old devices, though the game is not meant for antique tech.


Despite being quite easy to enter, Clash Royale gets more fun when its difficulty grows with the number of combinations your cards provide. You can never predict what the enemy has in store. You never know which of your units will be the best combo for this confrontation with rules like an advanced version of rock-paper-scissors. You may purchase some gems or gold to accelerate your pace, but the game will select the enemies of about your level anyway.


This extension of Clash universe is just as good as the original one. It requires constant connection as well, and it combines constant upgrading of your base (this time it’s your card deck) with three-minute battles. This is greatly invented and greatly done; no wonder this game attracted over 100 million users. Secondary to Clash of Clans, nevertheless Royale is worth your attention by itself.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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