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Red Ball 4 review

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The easy and fun physics-based game where you play as a brave ball went on a journey to save the planet. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles to achieve your goal—nice game to stimulate your brain and finger muscles. Click, jump, and hit - all you need to play this game.

Storyline 7/10

Surprisingly this game has the plot - evil black square wants to turn all circles in the world into squares and around the planet. So you, as a ball, have to catch the evil square and destroy it. The square path is all about solving puzzles about overcoming better obstacles: cliffs, hills, rivers, rocks, etc. You have three lives for each play. You can be killed by drowning and by little black squares - your enemies - if you hit them from the side. But you can kill them by jumping on top of them.

You move with the arrows on the screen's left side and click the jump button on the right. You have to keep in mind the speed you move with and the angles you’re coming from to overcome any height and length of the jump.

There are eight balls available to play with (basketball and football along with some fruits and berries), which you unlock with more experience. If you follow the app’s Twitter and Facebook pages, you’ll get new balls unlocked. If you buy a Premium user (2$), you will unlock all the levels, see no ads, and have unlimited lives. You can also purchase Red Ball 4 merch.

Graphics 6/10

Simple cartoon-ish graphics, not colorful enough, in my opinion - simple, pure primary colors. The characters are drawn with no extravagance or something special. I think the creators could make more ball shapes and more variety to levels’ scenery. You see very basic grass, ground, sky, and sun. The stars which you have to catch while going through a level also not exciting enough. They’re not bad but, again, basic. At least there’s some additional animation in the game when your ball dies or hits something. Pretty decent animation response from the physics in this game - swings, breaks, heavy objects, etc. In general, it feels like all avocation and graphics in Red Ball 4 had been taken from stock animation if one exists, same for every cheap game.

Sound 6/10

It a very simple sound, not adding anything special to the gaming experience. It’s just an electronic bit playing on a loop, which is rather annoying. Basic sound effects for jumps, hits, and rolls. I wish it could be better.

Our Impressions 8/10

I think this is a fresh and entertaining enough game, although I don’t think that I’ll go back to play it because I often struggled with levels’ completion. I mean, it’s great that this game isn’t easy, but it’s too difficult sometimes for my taste - I get stuck pretty often since the beginning. Nothing is interesting on the gameplay - no daily bonuses, no competing with friends, no extra secret gifts or trophies. You have 3 lives, collect the stars and move on with the levels, that's it. Even for real money, you can buy only a premium version of the game, and that's it, nothing extra or some special separate items which could help with the game. Hence, there’s no additional motivation to play Red Ball 4. There’s nothing that makes it more fun and interesting. I don't recommend it - there are many more much better games on the market

Graphics and Sound 6

Controls 7

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 6

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